Angry at the Big Banks? Mad that they received large bailouts from us, the 99%, only to turn around and give bonuses to their executives? If you don’t already know, the 4 largest, greediest banks are: Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup and Wells Fargo. See here:

Ready to take Direct Action? I am, by participating in Bank Transfer Day (see on November 5th. We, the 99%, can move our funds from these Big Banks to credit unions and/or locally-owned banks that reinvest right here. We have 2 weeks to hit ’em where it hurts.

The folks at MoveYourMoney ( list 7 simple steps to move your checking account. If you already bank locally, I recommend you look closely at your credit cards, especially your credit cards, since most are issued by one of the Big Banks, including affinity cards such as Amazon & even Working Assets!

Some locally owned banks in our region:
Abington Bank ~ Ally Bank ~ Conestoga Bank
Firstrust Bank ~ Fox Chase Bank ~ Harleysville National Bank and Trust Company
Penn Liberty Bank ~ PNC Bank ~ United Savings Bank
Valley Green Bank ~ Washington Savings Bank

And some local credit unions:
AmeriChoice Federal Credit Union ~ Franklin Mint Federal Credit Union in Media
Freedom Credit Union ~ Philadelphia Federal Credit Union
Philadelphia Telco Credit Union ~ Police and Fire Federal Credit Union

Questions? Concerns? Have suggestions for locally-owned banks or credit unions not listed here?

Contact: Meenal | meenal.raval [at]

full disclosure: I already have my asset accounts with Valley Green Bank and hope to also transfer my credit cards (currently with BoA & Citigroup) to the same by November 5th. My investments have been pulled out of Wall Street and into a family owned bike shop in Philadelphia.