Another voice from our coalition. That of Zein Nakhoda, which you can read in it’s entirety here. Zein was amongst the several citizens who spoke at the public hearing of Philadelphia City Council’s Special Committee on Energy Opportunities. Some quotes…

“Philadelphia should not build its energy future on fuels that exacerbate environmental and economic disaster.

Philadelphia should not sacrifice the long term security of residents and workers for the short-term gains of fossil fuel corporations. Nor should it rely on precarious and limited resources such as shale gas – which requires toxic and destructive fracking and transport practices in order to get to Philadelphia.

The energy transition we need would create living wage “climate jobs” – green union jobs in renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors that mitigate the pollution in our communities and curb carbon emissions.

This transition is possible. For example, a Center for American Progress study found that 2.5 to 4 more jobs are created for each million dollars spent on energy efficiency measures, like retrofitting and mass transit, than jobs from one million dollars spent on oil and natural gas operations.”