Dec 12, 2019 testimony at Philadelphia City Council, video here.

My name is Meenal Raval. I’m here today, speaking on 2 bills. Number 190610 and 190944.

Bill 190610 is to eliminate single use plastic checkout bags.

Last winter when we first met with Councilman Squilla about this bill, our concern was the force the plastics industry would retaliate with.

The opposition now, it seems, comes from our own Mayor,  who threatens to veto this bill if we include a fee for single-use plastic bags.

It seems our Mayor, yet again, speaks for the fossil fuel industry, not the people that elected him.

I am asking for a ban AND a fee on single-use plastic bags. Please vote YES today and let’s revise in January to include a fee. That’s the only way this will actually reduce single use plastic bags littering our streets and water ways.

I’m also here to speak on bill 190944 – the tax abatement. Please vote NO. We can not afford, as a city, to continue to give away money.

After you vote no, let’s talk about net zero energy construction. Net zero energy construction means there is at least as much energy generated as consumed at a site. Homes built with net zero energy design are more comfortable and have no energy bills. Which means they’re also more affordable.

I heard that you, Councilman Jones, have introduced such a bill over 10 years ago. It may be time to reintroduce this, and maybe, offer a tax credit for net zero energy construction. To learn more, please read or listen to episode 27 of Philly Talks Climate.

Thank you!