When I have to reassure family about my participation in upcoming events; when I hear their concerns about possible violence hearing words like revolution; when I hear suggestions that we need to teach the next generation to do things differently, this is the quote I turn to.

In effect, we need to start the world all over again – not through step-by-step reform of the status quo, because that won’t get us where we need to be; or by revolution, a head-on fight with the present powers-that-be, because nobody wants that, and the outcome of revolution is far too uncertain; but by creating the kind of world we want to see, in situ, and allowing the present methods and the institutions that are serving the world so badly to wither on the vine.

quote from page 11 of Resurgence & Ecologist, Issue 294 Jan/Feb 2016, A Food Renaissance Goes Live by Colin Tudge