Yesterday’s PRPA (Philadelphia Regional Port Authority) board meeting felt different from the start. There was a sign-in sheet at the entrance. They now seem to be curious who’s attending. The public session was first, then executive session, so we didn’t have to linger in the halls for a couple of hours.

We asked to begin with a song. Board members and attending media were handed lyrics to sing along with Peter, Meenal, even 2 men from Action United.

Of note was that the board was shown a video of highlights from the PRPA’s 3/9 public session, after which Chairman Sweeney responded. The full 2 hour video as well as the edited highlights will be available on the PRPA site’s Southport page. About 22 of you will recognize yourselves here.

The slideshow from the 9th can be downloaded from the PRPA’s Southport page, look for March 9th Public Outreach Presentation.  Also new is a comment letter from Lou Ann Merkle of 350 Philly, titled Southport Comment Letter, asking for a pause on the fossil fuel proposals, and a chance for us to propose a business venture to transition to clean renewable energy instead.

As a supplement to meeting minutes from last month, for each board member’s review, were these:

Rich has already edited & uploaded his 30 minute video of the board meeting, found here, mostly of us speaking up at the 3/9 event. The last few minutes of Chairman Sweeney speaking are of interest.