Earlier this week, there was an event, the MORALtorium Rally & Legislative Hearing, organized by

Green Justice Philly, a coalition of local & national organizations including the above 3, announced the event here.

Pennsylvanians against Fracking announced it here, where you can also read comments and see photos from the event.

The same day, StateImpact covered the rally with this story: Opponents question climate benefits, morality of natural gas. Despite the protests from various faith leaders, our State’s Department of Community & Economic Development had this to say:

“DCED wants to maximize opportunities for natural gas projects,” agency spokeswoman Denise Brinley told the committee. “Pennsylvania needs to become more than a producer of natural gas. The commonwealth also needs our businesses and residents to become consumers.”

Makes me want to ask if the Commonwealth has stepped outside it’s own echo chamber and asked our businesses & residents if they wish to consume more gas? If they did, they might hear:

  • Not at the expense of creating undrinkable water; or
  • Keep it in the ground. We’d prefer wind or solar, thank you very much.
photo credit Pennsylvanians Against Fracking

A sample talk from a faith leader is found here. Her response to the online chatter against this effort is even more interesting: Responding to Pushback against Activism.