Last Thursday, I found myself at the monthly SEPTA board meeting, speaking out against SEPTA’s proposed fracked gas facility at the Midvale bus garage.

Thanks to the wintertime research of 350 Philadelphia’s Mitch Chanin, I felt confident of our position – that fracking, transporting & burning “natural” gas is not healthy, that investing in a gas power plant is financially a bad investment, and that solar or wind are much sounder investments.

What did I say? See here. I’m thankful for the presence and support of these 350 Philadelphia members: Jean McFarlane, Jonathan Leibovitz, Mitch Chanin, Peter Winslow, & Sam Mastriano.2016-0324-septa-board

Here’s some of the media:

And here’s what I ask of you:

  • Sign our petition
  • Get friends to sign our petition. Download, print & take along on your day. If you need talking points, download our fact sheet too.
  • This month we were 6. Next month, let’s show them we’re 60. Join us at the next SEPTA board meeting on Thursday April 28th at 3pm at 1234 Market Street, Philadelphia PA.